Fashionable Colorful Aluminum foil food container.

Fashionable Colorful Aluminum foil food container.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are becoming more and more wealthy.

Not like the old days, the food is exceeded than what we need in somethings.

In that case, the wise worker want to pack the food in some special container.

For the beginning , they pack the food by the Can and Tin which had prevented for decades.

But the can and tin is not eco-friendly and expensive.

They performed well on the keeping the food but is not microwaveable and ovenable.

The Fashion Packaging style is the aluminum foil food container.

The materials of this kind of products is aluminum foil raw materials + coating epoxy lacquer&lubricant on the both surface.

In order to meet the requirement of market, the colorful foil roll is coming out.

The color full foil is coating color which will not fade down in the high temperature.

The color of the container is more attractive than last decades.

With the different pattern and color, the aluminum foil food container can upgrade the looks of products.

Some factory also can hep you to emboss the logo or print the logo on the container.

In some points, this can bring a huge value to our final products.

Aluminum foil food container is not just a packaging of food

written by Anna Aikou

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