10 tips for the cupcake decorating

Cupcake is cute, creative. In recent years, it has become the darling of the dessert industry which receives

more and more attention. Are you still struggling for the decoration of the cupcakes? Then, hurry up and

look at these 10 kinds of cupcakes of the creative decoration tips!

1.Use an exquisite baking cup

It's no deny that an attractive cupcake depend on its appearance with an exquisite food foil container.

So choose an appropriate baking cup is the first important step to make a creative decorated cupcake.

The baking cup can use in the microwave or the ovenware available.

2.Use sugar grains, spices and various decorations

The colorful candy grains used to decorate the cupcakes should be matched with the cupcake's whole

color and themes. So when you choose, you must consider the size, color and the shape of the granules

of sugar. It can displace by various sweets liked the chocolate beans, pistachios, sweets or some edible

petals, butterflies and other exquisite ornaments.

3.Use various kinds of candies

You can use You can use the mm chocolate beans or fudge to create a variety of patterns, such as a child's

smiling face, heart-shaped or flowers. If the candy is too small, you may use tweezers to operate it. When

use candy to decorate, the most important thing is to match the color, shape and taste of the cup cakes.

4.Decorated by fresh fruits

If you want to make some low calorie, healthy cupcake, using fruit to decorate is a good choice! For example,

slice the fruit or choose a small piece of fruit liked the strawberry or mango to adorn it on a paper cup cake.

5.A wide variety of decorative molds

If you are not a professional baker without special skill, You can choose to use a variety of decorative

molds to help you create a variety of decorations. With some professional decorative molds, you can

also make a very exquisite cups cake. Covering a layer of cream on the top of the cup cake will make

it very three-dimensional.

6.Decorated with toys and small statues on the top

Decorated some tiny small toys and statues on the cupcake can attract children's attention in an instant

and unlimited please this group of special dessert lovers. The cupcake is the most creative party desert.

7.Add edible pigment

Food experts say the artificial edible pigment is made from chemicals, and some studies have proved that

it's harmful to human health. Fortunately, we can choose to use some naturally colored foods to act as

coloring agents, so that the color of cake and cream becomes bright, without affecting health.

8. Professional mounted level

The appearance and taste can achieve the perfect fusion, the small paper cups cake is not only a kind of

ordinary dessert, but condensed the production of good intentions of the artwork. Once you've identified

the baking recipe for a paper cup cake, you can begin to prepare the icing on the cupcakes. The flavor of

the cream is very important, preferably with a paper cup cake, such as vanilla cream and chocolate cake is

a perfect match. Then, choose a professional mounted flower tool to carry on the mounted flower. If you

want to use different shapes of sugar cream to make a variety of patterns, it is necessary to use a variety

of mounted flower mouth.

9. Sprinkle with syrup instead of sugar cream

The paste can be used to bring her sugar cream, also can create a variety of taste and modelling. Sprinkle

a smooth, sugary coating on a paper cup cake, and then adorn with some colored paste. After the slurry

cools, the paper cups cake surface will form a thin, hard crust that helps the cake keep moist and fluffy.

The taste of the paste can also be changeable by adding some grape juice, milk, coffee, lemon, mint, green

tea or other tastes you like.

10. Edible flowers to make embellishment

Edible flowers can be easily decorated with beautifully crafted cupcakes, and they are easy to buy in food

shops and supermarkets. A variety of colorful flowers, such as dry lotus, violet, pansy, chrysanthemum,

lavender and chamomile, can make the cupcakes become brighter. Before using these flowers, you must

first wash them clean, remove the fertilizer or dust that may remain on the petals. Then dry it, cut off the

excess branches, and decorate it on the cream of sugar.