Friendship Can Base On a Baking Cup Cake

Actually, our friendship can base on a baking cake. Why do I say that?

Let me tell you a story and some significance of a beautiful baking cup.

A Story about DIY Birthday Gifts Choosing

One day, Lisa woke up early. She considered what a wonderful birthday gift should be. Suddenly,

Ring ring ring…’the phone rings.

Lisa picks up the phone and replied, Hello, Lisas speaking.

Good morning, Lisa.  Its me Cathy. Do you know that Annys birthday is coming soon?

What kind of gifts should we prepare for her?Cathy asked.

Lisa: Oh, I see. I have browsed the website last night.

And I still havent any idea now. What can we do?

Cathy: Well, maybe we should start at DIY. Like a scarf knitting,

a beautiful puzzle and a handmade cottage, etc.

Lisa: Alright, but its in summer now. How can we knit a scarf ?

Id think she doesnt like puzzle at all. A handmade cottage will take us a lot of time. So ?

Cathy: So? Ive no idea now.

Lisa: What about baking a cake for her? She loves dessert very much!

Cathy: OK. But we havent made a cake before.

Lisa: Why not bake a cupcake? Its much easier.

Cathy: OK, its great!

According to this little story, we can know that every time we come to our friendsbirthday,

wed have no idea what kind of present we should choose.

Actually, a little cupcake can help you to send your friend your love

and tell them how much you care for their birthday.

And it also can easily bake.

So why not bake a cupcake for their birthday?

Significance of a Beautiful Baking Cup

When finish a cake baking, we should choose the types of decoration.

The most important thing is choosing a suitable baking cup.

Some of you may concern that a baking cup is nothing special, why we should care?

But, I want to tell you that now are different!

A Suitable baking cup

A suitable baking cup not only can make your cupcake looks attractive,

but also can keep the freshness of your cupcake.

Because the aluminum foil baking cups can cover with plastic lids.

If you make a cupcake with a paper cup, its easily out of shape and goes bad.

When youre baking cupcakes, they can directly put into the oven and wont release harmful substances.

Its also can make contribution to environmental protection.

Our friendship can base on a baking cake, the birthday gifts choosing.

A lovely cupcake for birthday gifts can clearly reflect your love and maintain your everlasting friendship.

So why not choose a perfect foil baking cup and get ready your surprise gifts for your friend?