Baking Tips! How to keep the freshness of cupcakes?

A friend of mine bought many lovely foil baking cup,

she used them to bake numbers of cupcakes.

The result is, she could not to eat them all in one time,

and no one is willing to taste her exquisite workmanship.

What should I do now? I dont want to waste them,

but they will become metamorphic soon. She said to me.

Well, I just have some ideas, do as my way maybe some help. I said.

1. Freeze the cupcakes

Freezing is the best way to preserve food, but cupcake will become dry

after you put them into the refrigerator.

In fact, the cake in the refrigerator is to promote in the sugar and flour crystallization process,

so that the cake quickly deteriorate.

The best way is put them into the frozen room but the fresh room of the refrigerator.

Ultra low temperature environment will slow down the rate of sugar and flour crystallization.

Foil baking cup can better to transfer the low temperature to the cupcake,

and will not make the cupcake out of shape.

2. Fry the cupcakes

Fry with oil is a traditional way to keep food from metamorphic.

High temperature causes the water in the cake to dry off,

so that the shelf life of a certain extension.

But this way makes the cupcake become another type of food......

3. Cover a lid

Some foil cake cup provided lids. To a certain extent, isolate the cake and air contact.

But just for a short time to keep the cake fresh.