Baking tips for cupcakes

What is cupcake?

Cupcakes are the size of a person's appetite, packaging with paper cup or foil baking cup.

Usually beked with a baking pan, after baking, just peel of the paper and you can eat it.

Or you can baked with a foil baking cake cup directly.

How to prepare?

First, put the paper cup or the aluminum foil cup on the muffin pan,

brush with vegetable oil or butter inside. When baking cupcakes,

the muffin pan must be placed on the grill in the middle of the oven.

Set the time according to the recipe.Use a toothpick to insert into a cupcake,

and when it comes out, if there is no sticky sticky batter, it means that the cupcakes are baked.

Transfer the cupcake baked well to the cooling rack for at least 5 minutes.

Before using the cream frosting, the cup cake must be cool completely.

Decorate the cupcake

Before decorating a cupcake, first of all is to ensure that Cup Cake has been completely cooling.

If mounting patterns with cream frosting, it is best to use your fingers

to clean away the crumbs on the cupcake's surface.

If it's difficult to use a spatula to smear cream frosting,

you can put the spatula into hot water soaking for a few minutes.

You can also use some decorations instead of candy for decoration,

such as cereals, pretzels, chips, etc..

Especially for the birthday party , it will be nice to put on

a hard candy or gum ring ring on the cupcake,

then plug a candle in the middle .