Tips for using aluminum foil containers

Aluminum foil containers are modern environmentally friendly containers,

aluminum foil products can not only be applied to the industry can also be used for food,

beverages, cigarettes, drugs, photographic floor, household necessities and other fields.

Aluminum foil used in the barbecue when wrapped in bean sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes

and other barbecue used to avoid burning them.

Also widely used in isolation, heat exchange, and as conductors.

Usually, the thickness of the foil in the food bag is only 6.5 microns.

This thin layer of aluminum can be waterproof, keep the flavor, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling.

Contains food

It is very common to have food in an aluminum foil tray,

although the aluminum foil tray is disposable, but the ingredient is aluminum,

which is less harmful to nature.


Some foods (such as: sweet potatoes, gold mushrooms, etc.) must be wrapped

with aluminum foil to burn, to avoid charred.

Wrapped with aluminum foil to burn seafood, gold mushroom dishes, etc., can retain the flavor.

Oil absorption

The aluminum foil into a group after the opening, you can absorb the oil in the soup.

The principle is wrinkled aluminum foil in the process,

the aluminum foil will increase the surface tension.