Delicious and environmentally friendly coexistence of coffee capsule recycling knowledge

The emergence of capsule coffee, all in order to meet the modern people

on the convenience of fast requirements,

of course, derived from the waste problem is also an indisputable fact,

for which many large brands will study the recovery capsule

plan to meet the environmental principles as much as possible.

To Nespresso, for example, its all-aluminum foil coffee capsule can maintain the quality of coffee,

but also recyclable materials, the official also said that the carbon produced by renewable carbon emissions,

than the first production savings of 95%, so the brand has been in the world Million recycling stations,

Hong Kong in addition to specialized stores, but also provide home recycling coffee bag service.

But it is worth mentioning that the brand is also very supportive of the small farmers,

small farmers are scattered in different parts of the world, very high on their own production of coffee,

also take care of their own land, than the need for mass production

of farmland more environmentally friendly, sustainable development.

It seems that the two kinds of limited taste this spring, fertile land respectively

from Rwanda and Mexico Lake Kivu in Chiapas, volcano Highlands, Lake Kivu UMUTIMA coffee beans

by hand picked coffee farmers, after roasting taste delicate and rich,

and exudes an elegant aroma aftertaste; and journalists more love Chiapas TANIM,

coffee beans from coffee in the backyard farm land, the house be handed down from age to age technology

can produce silky fragrance, and sweet flavor of coffee with nuts.

Of course, we cannot deny the effect of coffee capsule on the environment,

and even the brand to vigorously promote the recycling plan, but also need to work with people.