The patent of coffee capsule patent

Capsule coffee has been popular in the world in recent years,

but because of the huge business opportunities,

not only to the first launch of the capsule coffee Nestle is facing increased competition,

but also involved in patent infringement war.

Although the brand is still the first Nestle capsule coffee market at present,

but as more and more firms are cross the hot market,

plus the opponent to Nestle filed a patent infringement lawsuit,

has let Nestle in jeopardy the coffee market leading position in the capsule.

Since the launch of the Nespresso 30 years ago

for the first time the coffee capsule and special coffee machine,

the current capsule coffee has become the world's sales of up to $13 billion 450 million market.

But Nestle, which has dominated the market,

has lost its dominant position in the capsule coffee market

since it lost patent protection a few years ago,

and other businesses have joined the competition.

Capsule coffee makes Nestle earn

However, Nespresso is still the fastest growing brand Nestle,

sales last year of $5 billion 30 million, accounting for about 5.6% of total revenue.

Investment bank Jefferies pointed out that,

despite the impact of the expiration of the patent,

so that Nespresso sales growth slowed, but still higher than the rate of instant coffee.

Since Nespresson lost 1 key patents in 2013,

it has been forced to reconcile with other coffee makers for infringement proceedings.

And now, Aikou can produce suitable for Nestle coffee machine dedicated aluminum foil capsules,

and the technology is quite mature.

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