Update the Quality of Cake Cups

Update the Quality of Cake Cups
The colorful sweet baking cake are very attractive.
When you are on shopping, you may be caught by this lovely little cake.

Whatever the children,the teenager ,even the oldest,
no one can resist the temptation of it.  
This kind of sweet food was created by Eliza leslie,
the United States home cooking in 1928.

They prevail in the north of the United States
which is the most famous place for the thing.
There is a huge market of this products.
Because everyone love this kind of food.
This is some kind of daily food.

For a long time,people use the paper cups for backing the cup cake.
But it is not as good as aluminum foil cups.
Using the paper cake will be easy to burn.

The disposable aluminum foil cake cups are more and more
popular.The can be done with coating color which is
food safe and will not fade down at any situation.

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Written by Anna Aikou