The attitudes toward aluminum foil containers of customer

1. The most commonly used disposable lunch boxes for plastic materials,

aluminum foil container utilization rate is the lowest.

   At present, the disposable packing boxes and containers used by residents are most plastic materials,

   followed by paper and degradable materials.The use of aluminum foil lunch box is low,

   10% of people said they would often use aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers,

   the overall use of the frequency of only about 6%.In the 26-35 age group,

   the highest utilization rate of aluminum foil lunch boxes, most of which are used in aircraft and Western restaurants.

   It is worth noting that there are 15.5% that often use foam lunch boxes.

2. Most residents have a correct understanding of aluminum foil lunch boxes,

   but negative perception is actually a misunderstanding.

   However, in terms of the degree of awareness of the residents of aluminum foil lunch boxes,

   there are more than 6 of the respondents have positive understanding of aluminum foil products.

   Such as aluminum foil products high temperature does not produce harmful substances (53%); resistance,

   good sealing performance, long period of fresh food (38%);

   aluminum foil Recyclable, is conducive to environmental protection (37.6%);

   health and safety (28.6%) etc..

   But there are few people who know about its competitive price (8.4%).

   But unfortunately, there are a considerable number of consumers while using aluminum foil,

   but always thought to be unaware of many aspects of foil, aluminum foil has been a part of our daily life.

   Aluminum foil products need to justify by the public perception of quanta.

3. More than half of consumers can accept the use of disposable tableware and food containers.

When asked whether the meal and in order to accept the aluminum foil boxes,

including fast-food box, packing boxes, plastic boxes, etc.),

some nearly nine respondents eating out and part can be accepted in order (40%),

and even accepted (49%).Only 3% said they could not accept it, and another 8% said they were not sure.

As many as 96% of people aged 26-35 years of age said they could accept or accept.

4. Nearly half of consumers are willing to use aluminum foil in the family lunch boxes and containers.

   45% of respondents said they would like to use aluminum foil containers or lunch boxes in the 36-49 age group,

   the proportion reached 57%.

   They mainly think that aluminum foil containers can be heated in the oven,

   convenient and quick, saving energy and water;

   secondly, there are factors that can prolong the shelf life of food,

   and can be recycled after use.It is not easy to understand that,

   in the household acceptance survey of aluminum foil products,

   the female acceptance (32%) is much lower than that of the male (60%).

Not willing to use aluminum foil containers or boxes in the family of the respondents,

63% of that used in the home of aluminum box is not necessary, waste of resources;

the 25% reason is the fear of family use aluminum foil container it will greatly increase the expenditure;

there are few people reluctant to change the current consumption habits.