What kind of airlines lunch boxes are the best

With the development of society, the aircraft is used more and more widely, but in the process of flight, the use of airline lunch box is very frequent. So, many airlines are thinking about what kind of the airline food container is the most suitable.

  1. Reasonable price.Due to the large demand for airline lunch box, airlines in the choice of the price is very concerned about.Only to minimize the price in order to obtain greater profits, so the price of the product is more likely to be selected, and is widely used.

  2. Easy to use.Air lunch boxes in the use of the time in the microwave oven or gas furnace on the reheating, so as to allow passengers to eat warm food.Therefore, this product must be easy to use, will not give the crew too much trouble.

  3. Eco-friendly.For airline lunch boxes, the airline is taking into account its economic benefits, environmental performance is also very important. It is necessary to minimize the pollution of the environment, so as to be able to do a good job of social benefits, this is also very critical.

    Only to meet the above three points of the air lunch box can be the best choice, so that manufacturers in the production process, to the above three points pay special attention to get more profits.