The aluminum foil coffee capsules- new style coffee packaging

The aluminum foil coffee capsules- new style coffee packaging

Normally, if the coffee bean or coffee power

are expose on the air for some times,

they will become souring.

In order to solve this problems,

we pack the coffee power

by aluminum foil coffee capsules.

Due to the Leak proof construction

of aluminum foil, the coffee

is very savoury and mellow.

Literally, this kind of packaging

can storage the fresh of coffee bean

which wasbaked ground with 4 hours.

In addition, tastes of the coffee capsules

is multiple. We can choose our

preferable tastes coffee on the market.

Why the coffee capsule will take place of

the packet of instant coffee?

The reason is preservation problems.

Once the the packaging of coffee beans

or coffee powder was opened,

the coffee will tough the air.

Mostly coffee packaging is about 1KG per bag.  

A pack of beans or powder can do more than

150 cups of coffee. In order to have a good taste,

all of them should be tasted within 3 days.

If you want to know more model of the coffee capsule,

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By Anna Aikou