Why Use Aluminum Foil baking cups?

Why Use Aluminum Foil baking cups?

These years, our aluminum foil baking cups became more and more popular,

most of the clients from North America,Europe,Middle East and Australia.

Why aluminum foil baking cup popular globally,

and why use aluminum foil baking cup,

the reason are following points:


Not only can aluminum baking cups be used in a microwave oven,

they also stand up to conventional ovens and toaster ovens without melting,

charring, or compromising the cake’s original flavor.

2.Easy clean up

Choose easy clean-up or no clean-up. After baking,

save your aluminum foil baking cups and recycle them.

3.Freezer-to-oven convenience

The only packaging that can withstand extreme temperature changes,

aluminum foil can go from the freezer to the oven to the table,

saving time during cake baking.


Aluminum baking cup is leak-resistant, sturdy, stackable,

and keep cakes fresher than silicon or paper cups.


Aluminum foil cups can be used in microwave ovens!

In fact, foods heat more thoroughly in aluminum than in silicon or paper

and retain more of their original texture and flavor.

There are more advantages of aluminum foil baking cup

than other cake mold like silicon and paper,

so if you want to buy aluminum foil baking cups,

pleas choose our Aikou brand.