Latest oval smoothwall aluminum foil takeaway food container

Latest oval smoothwall aluminum foil fast food container

Recently, our Aikou Aluminum foil container factory has developed and launched a latest

oval smoothwall aluminum foil food container.

This container is 800ml, which could transparent middle plastic lid and aluminum foil heat sealing lid.

Plastic lid is popular for fast food packaging.

Aluminum foil sealing lid is suitable for long-time food storage.

We develop this container with reverse round edge.

This special design could ensure the aluminum foil sealing lid match container 100% airtight via heat sealing machine.

and more luxury for looking.

At present, there are rare factories could make this technology prefect.

Even this container is rigid enough for heat insulation and not easy to be out of shape.

We could provide you various attractive colors, like gold, red & black etc.

It is in great demand for takeaway food packaging,especially for American, Canada, Korea, United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia.

We believe this stylish container must could expand your catering business better.

If you have interest in this aluminum foil food container or would like to know more detail,

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Writing by Winnie Ho