Hot selling smoothwall aluminum foil baking cups

Hot selling smoothwall aluminum foil baking cups

Our AIKOU Brand smoothwall aluminum foil cups are hot selling for

USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Malaysia etc countries.

Capacity: from 5ml to 1000ml.

Shape: Round, heart-shaped, square, rectangular and oval etc.

Color: pure colors and pattern colors

Sunch as gold, red, blue, pink, cow design, Father Christmas, Mickey etc.

Lid: flat, middle and dome plastic lid

Function: baking cake, muffin, dessert, ice cream and pudding etc.

Below are five of our very hot styles share with you,

1. Item no. Alu30

2. Item no.33

3. Item no.35

4. Item no.38

5. Item no.41

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