Short introduce about aluminum foil containers

Short introduce about aluminum foil containers

Aluminum foil containers were first produced to provide low cost

disposable pie pans and baking pans for bakers and then

for disposable basins and dishes for use in hospitals.

Today,foil containers are used for chilled and frozen foods,

bakery products,baked meat pies and for much take-away food

as well as for medical purposes.

Foil for containers,unlike the thinner material used for wrapping,

is often not coated or laminated but used plain.In recent times,

however,a range of coatings has been developed to

achieve product or brand identity, as well as protection.

The decorative plain or patterned colours can be translucent

as well as opaque and foil containers can also be printed.

For some purposes internal white coatings to give

a"porcelain"-like appearance and /or scratch resistance can be provided.

For food purposes all these coatings are non-toxic and odourless.