Get close to aluminum foil containers

Get close to aluminum foil containers

Aluminum foil boxes is a kind of tableware used more widely.

The thickness of aluminum foil boxes

generally between 0.04 mm to 0.20 mm.

It is two main style : wrinkled and smooth.

The main materials of the disposable aluminum foil container

is 8011 and 3003 aluminum foil raw materials.

They are food grade.

The food container is including the 5 series:

airline catering tray, baking cup ,

coffee capsule, jam jar and fast food container.

With the high technology, most food container can be done in color.

Sincere it is coated color, so it will not change the thickness.

What’s more , it will no fade down in any kind of situation.

They are very common in the bakery shop,

airline catering serving, and restaurant.

Because that can help to keep the freshness of food

and be reheated conveniently.

We are sure that this will be the very popular invention.

In order to protect our environment,hope more and more people

can use the disposable aluminum foil food containers.

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