Do you know the advantage of aluminum foil coffee capsule?

Do you know the advantage of aluminum foil coffee capsule?

Capsule coffee means grinding coffee beans to be coffee powder,

then fill the coffee powder into the aluminum foil capsule.

The feature of aluminum foil coffee capsule is fresh and convenient.

It ensure those who love coffee could taste a cup of fresh coffee.

The expiration date of coffee beans is about one year.

For roasted coffee bean, if it was exposed to air, expiration date is about 3 days.

For ground coffee powder, if it was exposed to air, expiration date is only 24 hour.

Because of the short expiration time of coffee,

coffee is difficult to be exported to other countries which is far from country of origin.

It means that only if we in the coffee original country could we drink the fresh and good coffee.

Besides, for coffee powder packaging bag, once we open the packaging,

the keep fresh time of coffee bean will be very short.

But generally the volume of coffee powder bag is about 1kg, which could make more

than 150 cups of instant coffee.

It means that the coffee powder will be stale after we taste a several cups of packaging bag coffee.

In this situation, we need an innovation of coffee packaging

to keep the fresh of instant coffee.

Aluminum foil coffee capsule is our best choice.

Below is the precious advantage of coffee capsule.

1. Easy of operation

Put a capsule in the capsule coffee machine,

it only take about 25 seconds to make a cup of nespresso coffee.

2. Healthy for our body

Aluminum foil coffee could be heating via high temperature,

which is without any harm for our body when it is operating via nespresso machine.

3. Keep freshness of coffee

The key factor of a cup of good coffee is fresh.

Food grade aluminum foil capsule could keep the freshness of coffee about two year.

It will also be a great help for long distance coffee exporting.

4. Easy for storage

Aluminum foil coffee capsule could be 100% airtight heat sealing with aluminum foil lid.

We do not need to worry about it will be exposed in the air and get wetting.

5. A variety of colors,

Aluminum foil capsule could be produced via different colors,

like gold, red and green etc.

It could make the coffee packaging more attractive.

Even we could take different capsule color to represent different coffee tastes.

Our factory could provide perfect aluminum foil coffee capsule to you.

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