Coffee Capsule Handiwork

Coffee Capsule Handiwork

Coffee capsule is an essential daily necessities in our life

We expend a lot of coffee capsule everyday,

even though coffee capsule is make by eco-friendly aluminum foil

that do not damage the environment,

but these coffee capsules look very  exquisite!

Are you sure you will throw them away easily.

Some artist make the empty coffee capsule into some creative art.

Earring is the most easily to make,

use your favorite taste capsule, and you will be a super star.

Aeolian bells, it's simple too.

Smell of coffee blowing in the wind .

Christmas wreath, it's a little difficult,

but it can make your house looks more different in Christmas.

And coffee capsule flowers

More flowers...

If you are a handiwork master,

you can try to make some doll with coffee capsule.

Written by Aikou Eco-friendly Material Co., Ltd