What is the structure of capsule coffee?

What is the structure of capsule coffee ?

We can see the colorful aluminum foil coffee capsule in the markets.

They are various shape.

But the most common shape is U shape.

With the development of the economic,

more and more people have a high requirements

about the drinking coffee.

So they are many coffee manufacturer want to

catch this opportunity to enter this big market.

Will you be curious about their structure ?

Now we want to uncover the mystery of the products.

Firstly, the main part of the capsule coffee is the high quality coffee.

They are some main famous coffee  type:  

Civet coffee Lanshan Mocha (mokha) Cuba Crystal Mountain Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling Kona etc.

The smell and tasty is based on the coffee type.

Secondly, the empty coffee capsule will protect

the quality of the coffee for a long time.

The are two main series: plastic capsule and aluminum foil capsule.

The disposable aluminum foil capsule can keep the coffee for more long time.

They are very hot sale in recent years.

The lest constituent part of the coffee capsule is foil lid.

As we all know , foil lid is better for damp proof.

But above those,

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By Anna Aikou