How to Cook Tomato Chicken Baked Rice

How to Cook Tomato Chicken Baked Rice

Do you want to know how to make a romanticfood at home ?

Maybe you will want to make cook the foodwith love for your families.

Follow us, you will find it is very easy

1.The first step is to prepare the dicedtomatoes and shredded onions.

2.Shred some potatoes, carrotsand green pepper, red pepper

3.Cut the chicken into small pieces,thenpickled in a spoon

of starch and a moderate amount of pepper for more than 15minutes

4.Put some butter or cooking oil on the pot,

then heat it and stir-fry the onions.

5.When you smell the smells of the onions,

you can put the pickled chicken and fry it quickly.

6.After the meat turn to white,you can addthe potatoes,

carrots ,then fry them again.

Wait the potatoes and carrotsto become soft,

put in the tomato.

Until the tomato become soft,

add somewater,

ketchup together with soybean sauce.

Continue to cook them until the potato andcarrots become very soft.

Season it with the salt and chicken essence  

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