Do you still drinking stale instant coffee?

Do you still drinking stale instant coffee?

Human has dunk coffee for a long time,

but coffee dose not getting fast development.

The reason is simple:

the preservation of coffee beans.

Green coffee beans can be stored about 1 year.

Roasted coffee beans will be stale about 3 days after contact with the air.

And the instant coffee only about 24h after contact with the air.

In fact, coffee turn stale after the first cup.

Because of this, coffee can't be transported long distance.

You can only drink the fresh coffee in the origin.

Coffee capsules were invented to solve this problem.

Coffee capsule uses the space capsule technology aluminum foil oxygen free seal,

can make the filling of fresh coffee powder to keep quality stable for two years.

Only 25 seconds, a cup of fresh espresso coffee will be completed,

you can season the coffee according to your taste.

And the aluminum foil coffee capsule packaging,

will not change the taste, it's better than plastic coffee capsule on this point.

It is also friendly to the environment.

Aikou aluminum foil coffee capsule,

make by food grade 8011 aluminum foil,

using the new glue sealing technology,

our professional team will solve all the problems for you.

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