Aluminum foil cup is the best packaging for chocolate

Aluminum foil cup is the best packaging for chocolate

In the past, paper cups are widely used for fill with mini chocolate.

But at present more and more people prefer to select

AIKOU Brandfashionable aluminum foil chocolate cups.

Compare with paper cups,

the advantage of our aluminum foil cups as below.

(1). Our cups are pollution-free & healthy,

which are suitable for high temperature heating directly

like microwave and oven.

So it is very convenient for bakery,

household & hotel etc.

(2). Our cups could be produced via

various colors, pattern & shape.

The colors will not fading

or have any harm for our body.

(3)Our cups are greaseproof ,

waterproof & non stick with cake.

They could match clear plastic lid.

So it is very convenient for takeaway.

All of our cups have passed through

high temperature sterilization strictly.

They are clean to be filled with chocolate

and keep the natural taste of chocolate.

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