The art of aluminum foil

The art of aluminum foil

Idan Friedman,a Israel artist and designer have embossed people

pictureon the disposable aluminum foil lunch boxes.

His works is associate with the associate with coins,

medals and other valuable valuable items

But he design the works on the disposable tableware.

Most of the characters embossed by him is the artist's friends or just passers-by.

Friedman aims to remind people that the flash point is

always hiding in the Some fleeting moments of life.

At present, aluminum foil container is used for airline company,

cake food retail and food restaurant ,

such as roast chicken food industry and some fast food restaurant .

In fact, aluminum foil containers have a large-scale applications in Shanghai World Expo.

It is said that during the Expo,

the central staff of the Expo kitchen have used the

aluminum foil container for more than 6000sets per day.

Sometimes, it can arrive at 10000sets.

Aluminum foil containeris the disposable aluminum foil food box,

which is a new type of catering distribution containers, disposable aluminum foil bowl .

Comparing to other materials,

the aluminum foil food containers is better in  maintaining the freshness of food

and water and more suitable for modern environmental health concept.

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By Anna Aikou