Aluminum foil container VS Plastic container

Aluminum foil container VS Plastic container

Because of the environmental protection & the pursuit of health and beauty,

our fashion aluminum container is a hot trend to instead of traditional plastic container.

Do you know the obvious advantages of our containers? Let us show you one by one.

1. Raw material

The raw materials of our container is food grade 8011 aluminum foil, which is innoxious for our body.

2. Safety for high temperature

Comparing with plastic container, our container is safe for microwave, oven and retort,

which is also better for extend the keep-warming time for food.

3. Could be 100% sealed, keep food fresh better

Our container could be 100% heat sealed with lid via machine.

If your food storage time is long, please do not hesitate to select our container.

4. Recyclable and save resources

Our containers could be recyclable production after usage and strictly high temperature sterilization procedure.

5. Beautiful and luxury

Our containers could be produced for various colors, patterns and shapes.

It could promote the class of your food.

Let is devoted in environmental protection, select AIKOU brand healthy aluminum foil containers.


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