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AIKOU, a leading manufacturer in the disposable aluminum tableware industry, is dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of high-quality, colorful smooth-wall foil food containers. With over 15 years of experience, our focus on specialization and responsibility ensures that our products meet the strictest standards. Our GMP-compliant production workshop and rigorous management system have earned us FSSC, ISO9001, HACCP, SGS, FDA, and QC certifications. At AIKOU, we prioritize food safety and overall quality, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions and services.

Six Product Series

foil container series

Fast Food Container

These containers are designed for quick and easy food packaging and disposal while maintaining the utmost convenience. Unlike paper and plastic packaging, our aluminum containers can be placed directly on fire and used in ovens at temperatures between 180-250 degrees Celsius for up to an hour. They are also suitable for holding acidic or basic foods for extended periods and can withstand low temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius. Most importantly, our containers can be securely sealed with a lid to ensure leak-proof protection.

foil baking cup series

Baking Cup

Featuring a diverse selection of nearly a hundred mold types, our baking cup product line boasts years of expertise in production. With over 30 color options available, customers can easily find a style that suits their preferences. Our low minimum order quantity (MOQ), competitive pricing, and fast shipping make it convenient for customers to explore various types and colors. We maintain stock for nearly every type in our factory, ensuring prompt delivery. Among the many choices, the gold-black color combination remains a popular favorite, available across all product types.

heat sealing container series

Heat Sealing Contaienr

AIKOU heat sealing products cater to food industry customers who require automatic filling and sealing machines for their operations. Designed to accommodate various food items like fruit juices and meat products, these products boast diverse sealing capabilities, high-temperature resistance, and sterilization during cooking. With a wealth of experience in addressing challenges and ensuring consistent quality, our solutions are ideal for large-scale food factories aiming to maintain top-notch product standards.

Colored Foil Pan

Our vibrant, disposable aluminum tableware features in-house printing capabilities, allowing us to offer a wide array of colors while maintaining a smaller minimum order quantity (MOQ). This approach enables our customers to easily initiate their projects and bring their creative visions to life. By focusing on the product, AIKOU ensures that our colorful foil containers cater to various aesthetic preferences while maintaining professional quality standards.

Airline Food Container

Catering to the unique needs of different airline companies across various countries, our disposable aluminum tableware offers customized solutions for in-flight meal containers. We provide an extensive range of molds and the ability to create new ones based on specific requests. Having collaborated with numerous airlines, we possess a wealth of experience in maintaining consistent quality while meeting the diverse requirements of our clients, ensuring their passengers enjoy a pleasant dining experience on board.

Empty Coffee Capsule

AIKOU’s high-demand empty coffee capsules, a product backed by years of research since 2014 in China. As a trusted supplier, we consistently produce top-quality capsules that have garnered a loyal customer base with repeat purchases. Our expanding color selection features over 10 options, catering to various preferences. Experience the convenience of rapid shipping, with the ability to deliver even a single carton within one day. Trust our dedication to providing exceptional coffee capsules for your needs.


application - food packaging

Food Packaging

All our products are manufactured using food-grade aluminum foil material, and our dust-free production workshop provides an elevated level of safety assurance. The sturdy construction of the foil pans prevents food from easily spilling out, and these products can be used for both heating and refrigeration. This makes them the ideal solution for restaurants offering takeout packaging or delivery services to their customers.

application - packaged food

Packaged Food

Food-grade materials and excellent sealing performance help preserve food better, preventing it from spoiling or losing its optimal flavor. These are suitable for packaging items like tea leaves, canned foods, sauces, and pre-processed foods, for better sell on supermarket shelves. Additionally, heat-sealed aluminum foil boxes can also be used as sample packaging for products like skincare creams.

Food Processing

Our aluminum foil containers and baking cups can be heated in ovens at temperatures ranging from 180-250°C for up to 1 hour, while maintaining their shape. This allows you to easily create adorable cupcakes, pies, roasted chicken, steaks, and more. You can also trustingly use them as plates on the grill during a BBQ. Besides, we are currently developing self-heating food packaging solutions.

With over 15 years of experience, AIKOU specializes in smooth wall color foil containers and new mold creation. Boasting 17 fully automated production lines, a GMP-compliant workshop, and certifications such as FSSC, ISO9001, HACCP, SGS, FDA, and QC, our skilled R&D and marketing teams provide comprehensive support and quick problem-solving from start to finish.

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